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Feb 1, 2024

February 01, 2024

Producer and DJ from Ireland, Niall has come from playing renowned clubs and festivals from Melbourne, to Berlin and afar - now running his own DJ agency in London with Gregorio Soave.

As a true selector DJ, his crates extends far, all whilst remaining a true sonic sound, from his mixing styles to cuts from the deep depths of house to the infectious grooves of soul, funk and rare groove, all while remaining a true underground head at heart, with great music as his compass guiding him through diverse avenues. The essence of his strength lies in versatility.

Having started to showcase his DJing skills in Melbourne, Australia at 18 where he was amongst the thriving music scene which shaped his understanding of energy and the dance floor as a DJ. Berlin was the next stage of the journey, where purely a devoted act to music leveled up and a mentorship that had blossomed a deeper understanding of creation, he has curated and ran events in Berlin, to the jungle of Dominican Republic, all of which saw hundreds of hours behind the decks, warming up for DJs such as Francois K and closing after Honey Dijon. Having moved to London, he quickly found himself as Head of Music at The Arts Club in London, played key events for brands such as Cartier, and curated events at Sotheby's.

He was also responsible for the curation and organizing of an international artist residency in the Dominican Republic for two years running, an experiment of fusing all kinds of artistic mediums of performance together, renowned jazz and philharmonic musicians from Europe mixed with local Dominican artists and musicians.